Tree & Ornamental

Tree, shrub, & ornamental spraying

Maintenance spraying for spider, aphid, earwig, beetle, mite and other insects around your yard including ornamental trees, shrubs, and ground cover.

Systemic tree applications

Systemically drench or inject trees to protect against damaging borers and aphid. Typically these applications are made in the spring or fall months. Trees can also be treated for a variety of disease and fungus issues.

Dormant oil

Dormant oil is an effective way to treat over-wintering pests and diseases and get a head start into spring. Spider mite and aphid problems can be significantly reduced with the use of certain spray oils.

Fruit tree programs

Ask us about programs to keep your residential fruit trees in compliance with Washington state laws and pest free.

Seasonal programs

Programs provide great value to customers and a worry-free way to keep your yard enjoyable year round

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