Lawn Services

Broadleaf Weed Control

Keep your yard free of common broadleaf weeds  year round (dandelion, clovers, oxalis, prickly lettuce and more). 

Tailored Fertilization

We use several types of fertilizers throughout the year. Let our technicians apply the right fertilizer at the right time to make your lawn look lush and green.

Crabgrass and weed pre-emergent

Keep pesky crabgrass at bay with a pre-emergent application in the early spring. Crabgrass is a summer annual and the timing of these applications is paramount.

Tough Grassy Weed Removal & Control

Bermudagrass is often confused for crabgrass or other grassy weeds. True Bermudagrass is a warm-season perennial grass that spreads rapidly in our hot summers and is very drought tolerant. Removal of Bermudagrass can be achieved through use of specialty herbicides. Call us for a free estimate.

Lawn Pests

Billbug (grub), ants, and worms can wreak havoc on any lawn. If you experience discoloration or dryness and feel you are sufficiently irrigating, you may have a lawn pest problem.

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Lawn aeration should be done at least every other year in the spring or fall. Aeration improves circulation, reduces compaction, makes irrigation and fertilization more efficient and is critical to any healthy lawn.